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My first memory of manifestation was in my Freshman year of high school. I living in Phoenix, AZ and attending Camelback High School. I was new to Phoenix and high school, so not only was I adjusting to a new school I was also in a new town with no  friends.

We lived on what was then the outskirts of phoenix and our house was bordered by the vast desert and red and black volcanic mountains. I would look out at the desert and dream of the infinite adventures awaiting me. But I believed I’d need a dirt bike in order to adventure.

I had no money because I was too young to work and my dad was not the type of guy who believed in spoiling his kids with material possessions. He spoiled us with love, and would never say no if I asked for a book. At around that same time he had bought me a book on self-hypnosis and given me a copy of Napoleon Hill’s business classic Think And Grow Rich.

Without any memorable conscious though to it, I started visualizing my new dirt bike. And I would read the classifieds searching for my perfect bike. When I found one that sounded exactly right I convinced my dad to take me to look at it. It was beautiful and it looked brand new even though it was a used bike.

For the next week I mentally rode that beautiful red Honda XR100 everywhere. Even going from my room to room in the house I “rode” that beautiful dirt bike. I held the imaginary handlebars and turned the grip to throttle. It was as if the bike existed in the physical world yet was invisible. I was obsessed with at bike and my desire for it was burning within me.

After about a week of this, I came in to a sum of $500, an unexpected gift from my Grandpa. It was a few dollars short of the asking price, but pretty close. My dad helped me negotiate the deal with the seller of the dirt bike, and then I was the proud owner of an immaculate dirt bike. The exact bike I had desired.

My dad was quick to point out exactly how I had manifested that dirt bike, and explained to me the same process could be used to successfully acquire anything else I desired in life.

Since then I have manifested many things in life. Some good, and some, unfortunately, not good. I’ve learned to be careful of what I desire, as the outcome can have unexpected side effects.

My understanding and practice of the the principals behind manifestation have evolved over the years. At points I’ve also abandoned my beliefs and experienced incredible setbacks materially, emotionally and spiritually.

I believe the power to manifest is a natural God-given ability that exists in all humans. There are few things in the physical world that didn’t originate in someone’s imagination before they took form. This power is always active, and when I’m not intentionally directing it, my subconscious directs it. This can result in random or unwanted results.

Recently I’ve decided to rededicate myself to consciously directing what I manifest. This website will document my journey and serve as a work space to organize my thoughts, process and results. If any like-minded readers stumble upon this site I hope they find value in this personal case study of the power of manifestation.